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eXtreme Revenue Telecom Consulting started life as a small local telephone company, the Xee River Telephone Cooperative. Started in 1912, Xee River Telephone served two hundred subscribers across fifty-three square miles of territory and operated four local exchanges.

During World War II, Xee River Telephone began to mine its vast land holdings for copper ore to contribute to the war effort. Copper prices fell following the war, so the Xee River Telephone and Mining Cooperative had to diversify once more in order to survive.

Xee River Telephone and Mining Cooperative acquired the local electrical utility following the war. Using the depression left over from the mining operation, Xee River Telephone, Mining, and Power Cooperative dammed the Xee River to create Lake Stepp and produce clean hydroelectric power. Xee River Telephone, Mining, and Power Cooperative is fully cooperating with relevant authorities with regard to the mitigation and restoration projects underway in the Xee River Valley.

In 1998, the Xee River Cooperative spun off eXtreme Revenue Telecom Consultants to educate the industry about the proven revenue-maximizing strategies that Xee River Cooperative had explored during the previous fifteen years.

eXtreme Revenue Telecom Consultants is pleased to offer you the most effective strategies permitted by law for maximization of revenue in today's highly regulated telecoms market.

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