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I sort of apologize for the CSS-era cliche of the dashed borders and spare appearance, but I really don't care what you think. I like it.

I made an awesome graph from my site logs using the graphviz package (and one badass shell pipeline). It's not terribly surprising, but it's pretty.

I'm working on this thing called Numbertron, which is a phone directory of the whole world. It is an ongoing project.


By sending an email to any of my addresses you are agreeing that:

  1. I am by definition, "the intended recipient".
  2. All information in the email is mine to do with as I see fit and make such financial profit, political mileage, or good joke as it lends itself to. In particular, I may quote it or any part of it on my website.
  3. I may take the contents as representing the views of your company.
  4. This overrides any disclaimer or statement of confidentiality that may be included on your message.

There's some marginally interesting stuff in this directory.

Astrid in the rain